Les Patterson’s Monday Morning Boost: Farewell to the Caffé Ibis “Roastmaster”

The Caffé Ibis “roastmaster” has brewed his final cup of coffee. Randy Wirth, co-founder of Caffé Ibis along with his wife Sally Sears, died Saturday from injuries sustained after being hit on his motorcycle by a drunk driver.

I first met Randy and Sally about 17 years ago when I started working for Cache Valley Radio. We shared a passion for small businesses, especially those in Historic Downtown Logan where their little sandwich and coffee shop at the corner of Church and Federal has been for 38 years. Nestled in an area occasionally referred to, with affection I feel, as the “Bohemian District,” Caffé Ibis is one of several boutiques and eateries appealing to artisans, musicians, university students, coffee aficionados, and those who really enjoy a taste and feel of something truly unique.

Randy and Sally have long been passionate supporters of the arts and regularly provided a venue for eclectic artists and musicians to showcase their work. We’ve often enjoyed visiting Caffé Ibis for the art and music Gallery Walk held the second Friday of every even month in Downtown Logan. Randy and Sally were generally always there and every time seemed to find a way to say hello despite their place always being packed. We missed the Gallery Walk this past Friday, but I’m sure the mood was quite somber without their presence.

Randy and Sally were early advocates of both the Slow Foods and Local First movements, supporting locally grown foods, and helped kickoff the Cache Valley Gardner’s Market. Their life mission became their business mission, to be “unbeatable on quality and freshness while supporting social justice and environmental stewardship.” They established their own recycling program years before it was socially mandated.

The core mission of Caffé Ibis is to be “unbeatable for quality and freshness, while supporting social and environmental responsibility… Provide customers with mountain grown and mountain roasted specialty Arabica coffee with unbeatable quality and freshness. Assure fair compensation and due respect for the people whose labor brings us our exceptional specialty coffee. Respect and safeguard the environment that provides the extraordinary growing conditions that true specialty coffee requires. Honor and support our partners in this endeavor, and the customers of Caffé Ibis Coffee.”

I’ve always loved the Caffé Ibis logo and gained more respect for Randy and Sally as I discovered the meaning behind the logo, as explained in the graphic .

Over the years I’ve occasionally stopped in for a late breakfast. My favorite is their buttery “Ibiswich” croissant and a cup of rich hot chocolate. While the food is always delicious, my favorite part about visiting has always been the people. A true melting pot of people from all walks of life, backgrounds, cultures, interests, and opinions.

The Caffé Ibis “roastmaster” has brewed his final cup of coffee and though his legacy will live on in many ways, he will be missed.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.

Les Patterson

p.s. Take 15 minutes today to take a peek behind scenes at Café Ibis Behind the Scenes and Company History .

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