Les Patterson’s Monday Morning Boost: SEE THE CASHIER

Jerry was in a hurry.

His morning started rushed and he was late for an important meeting. He rushed out the door, hopped in his car, only to realize he forgot to fill up the car the day before.

“Why today, of all days?” he thought to himself.

Jerry pulled out of the driveway and drove in a responsible hurry to the nearest c-store. He quickly swiped his card in the automatic payment slot, selected the appropriate octane grade, and slid the silver nozzle out of its holding spot and into the little round hole for his vehicle’s fuel tank. He squeezed the lever on the handle, felt the hose constrict as the pump began dispensing refined oil, and then patiently waited.

When the pump finished its requisite time to fill the tank, Jerry returned the nozzle to its slot, and replaced the cap on the fuel tank. When he turned to retrieve his receipt from the pump, he was greeted with an all too familiar message:


“Why today, of all days?” Jerry thought once again as he hurried into the building, perhaps a little frustrated that the automatic system didn’t automatically do its job.

But that’s when Jerry’s rushed morning drastically slowed down. You see, Jerry had a strong desire to make a difference in someone’s life. That morning, despite being in a hurry, he took a moment, as was his regular habit, to seek Heaven’s guidance for his day. He believed in praying for the opportunity to be led to someone needing an uplifting voice or that someone would be led to him.

He just didn’t expect such an obvious sign as SEE THE CASHIER.

What transpired as Jerry went to see the cashier turned into a life changing moment. She had a story to share, which she continued to share in-between helping other customers, and Jerry had a good listening ear and a much needed uplifting and encouraging voice. The result was a life-changing friendship, for both of them.

Jerry Toombs and his wife Betsy have just returned from a three-year assignment working for their church in Denver where they strived to put the belief of making a difference into fulltime daily action. When they left their home in Benson (smack dab in the middle of Cache Valley’s beautiful farm country) they were tasked with shepherding 700 plus young men and women just out of high school.

Our son Brenin was one they helped teach to make a difference and SEE THE CASHIER. Thanks Jerry and Betsy.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.

Les Patterson

p.s. Take 15 minutes today to SEE THE CASHIER and make a difference in someone’s life.


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