The Problem With Social Justice

Not many of us spend much time thinking about “Social Justice” and “Social Engineering.” Actually, Social Justice is but a tool in the Social Engineering quiver. Unless one is involved in developing strategies or implementing them, it is hardly gives it a thought. Most involved in the implementation of social policy are unaware of the deeper significance and consequences of that strategy.

What is social engineering anyway but just well-meaning folks just trying to “level the playing field?” In actuality, it is one group requiring the compliance of another group because they believe their cause to be morally superior. Adam Carolla was interviewed recently addressing why California will always vote Democrat no matter who might be the candidate. He reasoned that “it is the ‘nice’ party.”

Many of you will remember the “Great Society.” Literally trillions of dollars have been transferred to the poor in the War on Poverty. Judging from the results one has to question its effectiveness. We have more poverty than ever. Of course, poverty as defined in the United States is a comfortable middle-class income in much of modern Europe.

Minority mothers in many areas are still indirectly encouraged to have babies that will increase their federal financial support, but only single mothers. Sorry Dad, you are out of here. The children are now raised without a father; the family unit and the former strength of many minority families, gone. Now, we have a generation or two of minority citizens totally accustomed to living with government financial support. Why would they ever vote to change that?

Our current Executive Department in Washington, D.C. is very interested in “Social Justice,” the transfer of wealth to those less fortunate. What could possibly be wrong with that? The problem is similar to the errors of the War on Poverty: there is no requirement for reciprocity! Whether dealing with people, favored select groups or countries, the result is the same. Both the giver and the taker are diminished.

The law of reciprocity is one of nature’s laws that is irrefutable. When we give something, especially when forced to do so by a government, we expect something in return. We, in our deepest being, expect the other party to reciprocate in some fashion. If it is an individual, perhaps we will just expect some favor from the other when the opportunity presents. If a favored class or group, we expect them to at least improve their position within the culture. Many will expect those who benefit to actually become responsible for themselves. When neither occurs, frustration develops, which eventually grows into anger. Anger turns into hostility between individuals. With favored groups, it becomes class warfare. It diminishes both benefactor and the beneficiary.

The poor or favored class, lose their sense of worth, their self esteem, in continually taking something for nothing. In time, they simply accept, then rationalize, then expect the largess.

The benefactor is used by the system that continually takes their treasure without any improvement occurring. They develop animosity for both the system and the poor who do not improve their lot. The continued heavy taxation eventually saps our treasure, and forces the benefactors, the upper middle class into a lower social stratum.
The supreme irony is that the cash is not transferred from the rich, but from middle and upper-middle class. Those with real wealth are largely able to insulate themselves from the taxation that funds such schemes.

Oh, make no mistake. It is the Middle Class who pays for everything. They are the only group with enough wealth to fund the programs. And the class warfare? It is a wonderful device to keep the people occupied and directed away from their disappearing freedoms. Thus occupied, we will hardly notice our steady move away from the Founders view of limited government and more toward the oligarchies used by other governments. Goodbye to the American Experiment.

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